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What Can Sealants Do?

Do you or your kids seem to have a knack for getting cavities even if you brush, floss, and eat healthy? If this is so, you can ask the dentist to apply some sealant on the affected teeth. Sealants fill the role of shields to protect against bacteria that create cavities, plus they can stop a current cavity from developing.

Our teeth, particularly our molars, have many crevices where food gets lodged. Toothbrushes have difficulty getting into these crevices and removing the food. When bacteria finds these leftovers, and they feed off them, creating acids that form cavities.

Sealant protect your teeth by forming a clear, thin layer of plastic and other materials, which are safe for your mouth. It blocks bacteria and leftover food from reaching those hard-to-clean areas. If a cavity was forming before any sealant was applied, then the sealant can stop it from spreading while allowing the dentist to watch its progress.

Sealants are highly recommended for children six and older. The molars usually come in around that age, so it helps to get a head start. Studies have shown a correlation between cavities and sealants, where kids without sealants are about three times more likely to develop cavities than those have them.

Even so, you do not have to be young to receive the benefits of sealant. You can get them at just about any age.

Note that some may have an allergy to the sealant. To learn if this may be a problem or to learn if sealants can help you, discuss it with our dentist, Dr. German Jaquez. Find us at Claremont Smile Design in Claremont, California. To call us, dial 909-624-1111.

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