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The Power of Fluoride

Fluoride is a powerful aid in strengthening your tooth enamel. In fact, fluoride is commonly used to help protect teeth your teeth and fight against cavities. When used correctly, fluoride can be a useful tool to help protect the enamel of your teeth, and protecting your enamel is essential to maintaining good oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. German Jaquez, offers fluoride treatments in Claremont, California, to help your teeth stay healthy. Additionally, our team at Claremont Smile Design is happy to share with you information about the power of fluoride.

  • Fluoride has many uses for your oral health, and it is helpful and safe for individuals of all ages, including both children and adults.
  • Fluoride is placed in many public water supplies to ensure that individuals are getting an adequate amount to protect their teeth.
  • Fluoride helps provide an additional layer of protection to help strengthen your tooth enamel and make it safe against the attacks of acids.
  • Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral found in bodies of water around the world.
  • For a professional fluoride application, visit our dentist.
  • Fluoride is often put into additional cleaning tools, such as toothpaste and mouthwash.

As you can see, fluoride can be a powerful tool in your oral health care to protect your teeth. If you have questions about your smile, or if you need a dental checkup, please call us today at 909-624-1111 to make an appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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