As with most diseases, it is best when we are able to detect and diagnose dental decay at the earliest possible stage. Our dentist and team are pleased to utilize Logicon Caries Detector Software to do just that. This cutting-edge diagnostic software assists Dr. German Jaquez in spotting cavities and decay earlier by helping him assess X-rays (radiographs). The Logicon Caries Detector Software also helps us verify areas that we noticed during the visual and manual exams to determine whether your oral health would benefit from a restoration. If we determine that treatment is necessary, we will provide you with a natural-looking, metal-free restoration that is suited to your oral and overall health.

By detecting and treating decay at the earliest possible stage, we work to prevent the cavity from becoming larger, more painful, and more damaging. This allows us to provide conservative treatments that are often less invasive and less expensive than if the decay had gone undetected and had progressed further.

Logicon Caries Detector Software has been clinically proven to help dentists find up to 20% more interproximal decay (cavities in between teeth) on permanent teeth than traditional methods. The software is also FDA approved. We are proud to use Logicon Caries Detector Software in Claremont, California, to assist us in providing you with high-quality, safe dental care. We invite you to contact us today at 909-624-1111 to learn more!