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Oral Health Advisory: Teenage Dentistry

Are you familiar with issues associated with teenage dentistry? Teenage dentistry consists of the period of time during your lifetime when the last of your adult teeth grow in. These teeth are known as the wisdom teeth and can often lead to several oral health ailments including tooth decay, infection, crossbites and other forms of malocclusions. This is because once your mouth is fully filled with teeth, it can cause additional pressure to nearby or neighboring teeth. If that wasn’t enough, several other factors also exist during your teen years that can put your oral health at risk.

The teen years are often the time when several oral health accidents and injuries arise. This is because it is also the time that many individuals take up sports. Sports, particularly contact sports, are one of the biggest risk factors for dental damage from blunt trauma. This is particularly dangerous because a single blow to your face can destroy your smile and decades of hard work. To prevent dental damage from sports, always wear the appropriate safety equipment and gear whenever possible.

Peer pressure is a known risk factor for a failure of a teenager’s smile. Several risks including mouth jewelry, smoking or using tobacco, or even experimenting with drugs have all been linked to peer pressure risks and influences that can lead to oral health failure. If you find yourself at risk of any of these activities, avoid them so that your smile can continue to thrive as you do.

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