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Dental Health Care Focus: Dental Crowns

Have you suffered any harm to your teeth that need to be fixed? Are your teeth so stained or discolored that no sum of whitening treatment will help? If so, dental crowns could be of service. Focus your oral health care on dental crowns. Save your smile with dental crowns and these important facts:

– Dental crowns wholly conceal a tooth down to the gum line on all sides.

– Dental crowns can be adjusted to mimic the look, shape, and function for the teeth that they have replaced.

– In large part to their firm fit, crowns can support fillings in a tooth when a tooth’s surface is smaller than the filling itself.

– Thanks to their design, dental crowns can help protect your smile from tooth decay and gum disease.

– Characteristically, dental crowns can last over twenty years and are easily replaced if damaged or knocked loose.

– Dental crowns can hold broken bits of teeth together that otherwise would serve no functional purpose and would need to be extracted.

To schedule an oral exam for dental crowns at Claremont Smile Design, simply book an appointment at our dentist office in Claremont, California, with Dr. German Jaquez and the rest of our team. We can be reached at 909-624-1111. Our wonderful staff is here to help you get the smile you want!

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