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Dental Conditions Associated With Tooth Sensitivity

Did you know that there is an association between tooth sensitivity and tooth decay? Taking note of instances in which you experience tooth sensitivity and keeping track of them can greatly benefit your next dental checkup at Claremont Smile Design. We encourage you to continue reading to learn more about the correlation between tooth sensitivity and tooth decay.

Instances of tooth sensitivity are commonly associated with tooth decay, and if you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, it may be a symptom of undiagnosed decay in your smile. When teeth develop cavities and begin to break down, this can make speaking, swallowing, and chewing more difficult, and it can disrupt the functions of your oral cavity and other areas of your body. For children, in particular, tooth sensitivity can affect their appetite if eating is uncomfortable, which can result in weight loss and malnutrition.

There is no formal classification of severity for tooth sensitivity, but you can categorize the instances under general tooth sensitivity and a more severe hypersensitivity. Teeth naturally react to stimulations such as heat, and it’s common to feel some normal tooth sensitivity while eating. However, if you suffer extreme discomfort during mealtimes or when inhaling cold air, this could be a sign of hypersensitivity in the teeth.

If you are interested in receiving professional dental treatment for tooth sensitivity in Claremont, California, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with our dentist, Dr. German Jaquez, at Claremont Smile Design by calling 909-624-1111 today.

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