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Claremont Smile Design has implemented the highest level of technology on the market including digital X-Rays, LOGICON Caries Detection Software and 3D Cone Beam CT Technology. Kodak's exclusive X-Ray technology provides Dr. German and his staff high definition images needed to make accurate diagnosis. Kodak digital helps create a safer treatment environment by eliminating biohazards chemicals and significantly reducing patient radiation. LOGICON Caries Detection Software is a computer-aided tool used to classify tooth decay and has been proven by the American Dental Association to increase tooth decay detection by 20%. The Kodak 90003D Cone Beam Panoramic system offers Dr German a 3D view of the patient’s exact anatomy allowing for precise and accurate implant placement.

Compared to traditional medical CT scanners the Kodak 90003D CBCT system reduces patient radiation by 50%. Claremont Smile Design understands that patient care and education is important, which is why they continue to invest in their patients needs. By keeping current with technology Dr. German is able to provide the most efficient and effective dental care.

Benefits of Digital Radiography

  • Reduced patient exposure to radiation by 50%
  • Less waiting time and shorter appointments
  • Interactive display on monitor for patient education
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High definition images for accurate diagnosis

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